Friday, February 19, 2010

Micah @ 18 (Guest posting)

NOTE: May isang kaibigan ang nag-survey sa amin. Akala ko naman kung para saan, 'yun pala pagbabasehan n'ya ang mga sagot upang makabuo ng isang speech para sa kanyang inaanak. Nagandahan ako, sobra, kaya hiningi ko ang kanyang permiso upang i-post ko rito ang ginawa n'ya. Mabuti nama't pumayag s'ya. Kaya, heto...

Feb 13, 2010

Hello Micah

Happy Birthday!

For your 18th birthday, I decided to conduct an SMS survey. Since life is a journey, I wanted to draw from the wisdom of seasoned travelers, pilgrims, fellow lakwatseros and lakwatseras. I asked them, “assuming you have enough money to cover all travel expenses for a long journey, what three things must you bring ?”

About 40 people ages 17 to 70 something, gamely responded with a variety of answers ranging from cameras and maps to toothbrushes and Ziplock bags.

Once classified, the top answers correspond with 5 lessons which one can apply to both traveling and life. Allow me to share these with you, Micah.

Passports, ID papers, cameras, voice recorders, journal with a fountain pen
Lesson 1: Always remember who you are, where you came from and where you had been.

Maps, compasses, guidebooks, itineraries, phrase books, GPS, international drivers’ license
Lesson 2: Equally important, know and plan where you are going. But don’t “overplan”, leave some room for spontaneity.

Diatabs, medicines,1st aid kits, travel insurance, windbreakers, shades, comfortable, all-weather walking shoes, laptops with wi-fi, universal adaptors, good books, sudoku puzzles
Lesson 3: Be prepared for emergencies, changes, delays and lulls in your journey.

The top answer: Cellphones, cellphones with chargers, cellphones with international roaming, cellphones with updated phone books , laptops with Skype or YM, “siempre cellphone”
Lesson 4: Keep in touch, Call home . . . often. Your personal coach, cheering squad and champions are just a call away.

Prayer books, bibles, rosaries, prayer mats, holy water, Mecca locator
Lesson 5: Call Him. He is your friend, your guide, your final reward.

One last reminder: should you lose your way, do not worry or rush to get back on course. Wonderful discoveries could begin with a detour, a missed flight, getting on the wrong train. Instead, learn from the experience, forgive yourself, laugh at your mistakes, wing it and enjoy the company of fellow travelers.

And when you need some inspiration along the way, you can always get your cellphone and make an SMS survey.

Happy journeys, Micah!

Ninang Vi